Future Interest

Here are some products and ideas that I will probably be working on in the future. There’s no need for you to wait though. If you’re interested in these topics, go have a look!

Paper circuits…

These are becoming very popular and look like fun to play with. The most activity is among paper crafters according to the research that Jie Qi showed in her presentation on YouTube here.  I think she is the main person behind the invention of Chibitronics, which are little kits to help people use LEDs and other electronics to make their greeting cards interactive. It’s much bigger than just that, so go have a look at the very interesting introductory video on the Chibitronics home page. And check this search page on YouTube for more.

And here is a demo of the same principle in fantastic pop-up books!

The Chibitronic parts and kits are unfortunately quite expensive (which, to her credit, she says she’s struggling with). Fortunately, you can play with the process using your own materials at about a tenth of the cost by purchasing your own copper tape, LEDs (surface mount (SMD), or regular LEDs), and conductive ink.

Here are some sources of those parts: